10 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

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Unlike any other announcements, thinking of creative ways to announce pregnancy is a whole new ballgame. For such a big news, simply blurting it our or plain mentioning it to your partner or husband, to your friends and most especially to the future grandparents will not do. It has to be something that will catch everyone off-guard and will take them by surprise. It has to be an event that everyone will remember you and your baby for. As for announcement ideas, you can go for the traditional ways of announcement, but please, present them with a whole new crazy twist that everyone will surely remember.

Idea #1

It’s all about warm buns

Invite your family and close friends for an intimate dinner. After the meal, before some grab a pot of coffee or pick a slice of desert, ask them to go to the kitchen and open the oven—that should pique everyone’s curiosity. Ask one person from the group to check what’s inside, and he’ll find that sole bun you have placed earlier in the oven. “Bun in the oven!” And then, get ready to receive a flood of congratulations and well wishes.

Idea #2

Sweet cookie

If you want to go mysterious with your partner as you give him the big news, then try to “change his fortune”. Order your usual Chinese takeout and throw in some fortune cookies. You can either have the fortune cookie especially made with a personalized fortune message saying, “We’re pregnant!” Or, you can hijack your husband’s fortune cookie and use tweezer to insert your own announcement message. Now that’s a good way to make one sweet cookie!

Idea #3

Shopping for baby food

If you want a no fuss but fun way of announcing pregnancy, try making a shopping list for your partner. Tell him that you are going to cook up something special tonight and that you need him to grab some things in the grocery. Fill up your grocery list with baby carrots, baby peas, baby back ribs, baby corn, baby zucchini, baby potatoes, baby banana, and all other foods or produce that has “baby” in it. Wait for your hidden message to sink in until he finally figure out what you are trying to say.

Idea #4

Getting Promoted

If your baby’s going to be your second, then you can use your first born as a prop for your announcement. Organize a party or intimate family gathering for your family and friends. When anyone asks what’s the occasion, just say ‘oh just nothing, but promise to be there. As everyone gathers around and asks what the party is for, then have your little tot run around carrying a message board or chalk board that says, “I’m finally getting promoted to big brother/sister!”

Idea #5


The moment you discover that you are with child, have a custom designed puzzle done for your husband. Give it to him as a special gift. In one of your quiet nights or date nights, ask him to finish the puzzle until he reads the message “Baby on board”

Idea #6

Gift voucher

This one is something that will sure be fun and unique. To announce your pregnancy, give your husband a custom gift voucher that says, “This voucher is good for one baby. Date: [insert due date here]”


Idea #7

Gift bow

On the next outing that you have with your better half, accessorize using a huge silk bow—make sure it resembles a gift bow and that it is big enough to be instantly noticed by your man. Attach a card or note that says “Do not open until [insert due date here]”

Idea #8

Propose a toast

Invite your man, your friends and your family for a celebratory drink. Invite everyone to your favorite hangout and give everyone a drink, and make your drink a glass of juice or milk. While everyone is puzzled at your drink of choice, propose a toast and say “I’m sorry I won’t be drinking with you tonight, but that’s the reason why we’re celebrating tonight!”

Idea #9

Line up your shoes

So your tired man comes home. He loosens his tie and takes off his shoes and put it in the spot where he usually stores his other shoes. Then suddenly, he noticed a pair of baby shoes that is neatly lined up along with his other shoes. He also noticed that the baby shoes carries a noted card in it that says, “Welcome home Daddy!”

Idea #10

Photo surprise

At date night, after having your dinner with your man, ask the waiter to take your picture. While your man gets worked up in giving his charming smile, whisper to him, “Honey, you and me and baby makes three! I’m pregnant!” Instruct the waiter to take as many picture as he can, as long as he catches every emotion that goes after your intimate pregnancy announcement.


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