10 Fun Baby Shower Games

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So you’re all packed up for the big day. Now that your baby shopping and baby check lists are complete, there’s only one thing left for you to do—a baby shower! Have the hippest baby shower ever by having some great baby shower games. If you have no clue about what games to play during your shower, these game suggestions will sure keep your guests on the edge of their seats.

Game #1 : Diaper fun

Divide your guests into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Assign one member of the team to act as the baby. Give each team three minutes to wrap their ‘baby’ in a mock diaper. The team that manages to create an outrageous ‘diapered baby’ wins! Imagine your guests giggling and laughing while hastily assembling and fitting a grown adult into a mock diaper.

Game #2 : Baby Sock Matching

Prepare about 60 or more sets of baby socks of various sizes, colours and designs for this game. Mix them up. Divide your guests into teams. Give each team a basket of baby socks. The team that matches the most number of baby socks within 60 seconds wins!

Game #3 : Diaper Relay

Break your guests into two relay teams. Each team will be given a doll to work with. Once you give off the signal, first relay team member will fit a diaper into the doll and run to the next team member. The second team member will take the current diaper off, placing a new one. And so the race continues. One way to step up this game is blindfolding each team member. The first relay team to complete the diapering challenge will be crowned winners!

Game #4 : Fastest Baby Bottle Drinking

Line up all the challenges for this game. Each one will be given identical baby bottles. Fill up baby bottles with your choice of drink. Once you say “go”, let your guests drink the contents of the baby bottle. The first person who drinks it all wins the gold medal.

Game #5 : Guess the Baby Food

Prepare ten jars of different baby food for this game. Remove the labels. Let your guests guess the baby food that is in each bottle. The one who gets the most correct guesses will win the prize.

Game #6 : Scramble Baby

You can use your baby checklist for this game. Choose 25 baby items that you have and scramble the spelling of the name of each item. The one who can unscramble the most number of words within 3 minutes wins.

Game #7 : Guess the Price

Following the same mechanics in the popular game “If The Price Is Right”, one by one, let your guests guess the price of your top 10 baby items. The host needs to provide these baby items for this game. And like in the game, the person with the highest total without going over wins! The best part about this game is that you get to keep all the goodies for your baby.

Game #8 : Baby Obstacle Course

Break your guests into teams. Set up two strollers and baby stations that would serve as the ‘obstacles’ of the game. The obstacles could be diaper changing, baby dressing or strapping them into the stroller. A good spin to this game is that if your baby shower is a coed party, let the men or the daddies play this and have them dress up as pregnant mummies in the first obstacle. The first one who finishes the course will be the winner.

Game #9 : Guess Who’s This Baby

Days before your baby shower, request and collect baby pictures from your guests. This crowd pleaser game will sure bring fun and pink cheeks into your baby shower. Set up each baby picture with a number. Have your guest list ready. During your shower, let the guests guess the name for each baby picture. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Game #10 : Shoot The Baby Nipples

As the name of this game implies, this game is all about bobbing for the nipples. Prepare a bucket full of baby bottle silicone/rubber nipples. Position all the participants in a row, let them stand side by side. Let them shoot a handful of silicone nipples into a pail that is positioned far enough from where they stand. The person who shoots the most number of nipples in the pail will be crowned the winner.

May these hip and fun baby shower games break the ice and bring the life into your baby shower.    

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