9 DIY Projects You Can Try for Your Baby’s Playroom

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Fun parents are the great parents to have around. The truth is that you can be a fun parent too. Create a room where you’re children can explore, discover, experiment and try to do and be many different things. These DIY projects will allow you to create the perfect environment and simulation where your children can learn through play and spend quality time with his or her pals, siblings and YOU. Also, these projects give you parents the perfect opportunity to work together, spend quality time together, and build something wonderful that your kids will appreciate and enjoy.

1.Magnetic Chalkboard

A magnetic chalkboard will allow your kids to express themselves in more ways than one. This should give them an area where they can draw everything that interests them these days and a wall to play their magnetic letters and educational toys with. As you give them an area where they can proudly post their work, this wall is also helpful in building their confidence and self-esteem as it encourages them to create, express and explore. On another note, this area can save you parents the headache of constantly scrubbing off their writings on your painted wall.

2. Play House

Even the simplest things can bring a whole lot of fun for your child’s playroom. If you have just bought a huge flatscreen TV, a refrigerator or any big piece of home appliance, you can make use of the huge packaging box and do something fun for your kids. If you are big about recycling, you can create this simple play house and complete it with a kitchen, roof and windows, which your kids would be delighted to decorate. Also, you can paint the house in your kid’s favorite colour and design it any way your kids would love.

3.Sensory Board

If you are looking for ways to keep your little explorer busy and occupied for a bit, then a sensory board would be a great addition to your child’s playroom. This stimulating play board will give your child a long lasting toy as it can grow, morph, or change with your child (of course with your thoughtful adjustments as your child grow older). Kids will constantly look for sensory activities and stimulation, so turn this board into something that gathers everything that your kid may have seen in your house, like fabric with interesting textures, rough objects, noisy clinging objects or any colourful items inside the home. Hang them, attach them, or post them on your DIY sensory board.

4. Teepee

Get your little Indian settled in with a DIT teepee. By simply using smoothened wooden braces and fabric (it could be a colourful blanket, curtain, or tablecloth), you can create this fun corner for your child to spend hours playing with.

 5.Kiddie Storage

With a little help from some brackets, wood, and paint, you can initiate discipline and order within your kid’s playroom. Having an organised kiddie storage will teach your kids early on how to sort and store their playthings in such a way that would be easy for them to get the toys they wanted for playtime. This will also helpful in giving space for every toy that your child treasures.

6.Market Stand

Want something that you and your kids can play together? Then you can build them a market stand. Make it into a stall with goods, shopping baskets, and cash register. This also presents a fun way of teaching your child about basic economics through play.

7.Low Wall Bookshelves

For your little bookwork, encourage reading by installing low wall running bookshelves in the playroom. Make sure that the bookshelves can accommodate all his or her favorite books and stories. And while you’re at it, you can throw in some mini tables and chairs or a fluffy rug beneath the bookshelves to create a cozy reading area for the young ones.

8. Toy Display

A display basically gives your kids a nice space to arrange their favorite toys in ways that they can proudly show it off to anyone in the room. Combine these two by creating an open wall storage for the playroom. This will encourage your kids to handle their toys properly, tuck them carefully into the wall storage and display, arrange, and rearrange them any way they want.   

9.Brand Your Kid’s Playroom

Get it touch with your crafty side and personalise your kid’s playroom. Have her name painted on the wall. Get his or her pictures framed and printed and hang them neatly against the playroom walls. This should let anyone who comes into this room know who’s the boss in this part of your home.

 With simple materials and an ounce of creativity, you can pull of such a nice project. So go on and try doing these projects, bring more happiness to your kid’s childhood and build memories that she or he will always treasure.

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