Baby Lullabies and the Art of Putting Babies to Sleep

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Baby lullabies has been proven since ancient times to ease pain and anxiety in children, especially babies; the repeating rhythmic music delivers a sense of order and calm, which infuses to a baby’s consciousness level. The most soothing sound for babies comes from the mother’s voice, all the more if the mother’s voice is used to create a pleasant musical tone. Baby lullabies need not be complicated, a simple nursery rhyme sung harmonically is enough to calm most babies, and put them to sleep.

Before starting to sing a lullaby, put off all distractions and dim the lights; this will make the baby’s subconscious mind thinks that it’s already night-time, and all things are settled and quiet. Let the baby sleep on his or her back; this is the most relaxing position compared to sleeping on the bed on his or her chest.

Start singing the baby’s favourite lullaby, and repeat the melody till it makes the baby go to sleep; this also works best if the baby is in the cradle; just cradle and sing lullabies till the baby sleeps. The cradle and singing simulates a walking and talking mother while carrying a baby; these have become part of the babies’ instincts, which they connect to a feeling of security and undivided attention.

Generally, lullabies are in high pitch, simple, monotonous and harmonic, which are preferably sung by mothers to calm babies and put them to sleep. Alternatively, there are lullabies that can be freely downloaded on the Internet; it’s artificial, but still effective in putting babies to sleep.

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