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You better believe there is a certain baby shower etiquette that must be followed in order to have a day to remember. Tradition states that the baby shower should be ‘thrown’ by someone OTHER than the expectant mother and her family. Having relatives of the star attraction in charge instead of a close friend is said to make it look as if the family is asking for gifts. We disagree! It’s perfectly okay to have relatives throwing the shower as long as the mother-to-be feels comfortable.

ready to pop baby shower food ideaShould She Get What She Wants?

It has also been suggested that the expectant mother should be grateful for whatever she receives and while we agree with this sentiment, there is no way that she should be forced into an uncomfortable situation. When a trusted friend or relative is placed in charge, the expectant mother should not be afraid to ask for certain things because it is her day after all. Admittedly, a baby shower can also be a community event but it’s only fair that everything is catered towards the expectant mother’s enjoyment. After all, if she is not having fun, her mood will be reflected throughout the gathering.

When to Hold the Baby Shower

Although you can have it after conception, it is usually held beforehand because let’s face it, the whole event doesn’t seem real unless the mother-to-be appears to be pregnant! When coming up with a date, consult with the expectant parents first to avoid a scheduling conflict. How will your party look if you send out invitations only to find that the most important people can’t attend? If you elect to throw the shower after the birth, guests have the advantage of purchasing gifts specific to the new baby’s sex.


Again, be sure to consult the expectant mother because there may be people she simply doesn’t want there. Thanks to the advent of email, it is easy to design cute invitations and guests can be invited in seconds. Nonetheless, you still need to send the invites several weeks in advance so your guests can work the shower into their schedules. 

love grows unique baby shower invitation idea

Please note that ‘surprise’ showers don’t always go down well so tread carefully.

What about Dad?

Traditional baby showers are women only but including both parents is becoming a more regular occurrence. This depends on the kind of gathering you’re looking for and perhaps the father doesn’t want to be involved!

At The Shower

We recommend creating a theme to tie the entire event together. Although it isn’t strictly necessary, it makes planning a lot easier. You definitely need to serve refreshments and there has to be some silly yet fun games involved to keep everyone entertained. It is traditional to provide favours to those who attend or alternatively, you can give prizes to those who win games. Of course, the main event is the opening of gifts and if attendees are at a loss as to what to bring, offer a few baby shower gift suggestions.

Ultimately, the goal is to bring a smile to the face of the expectant mother and the party guests and if you can achieve this, the event will be a huge success. 

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