Converting a Nursery Into a Toddler’s Room

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Your baby has grown and so he now needs a room that is more appropriate to his size and newfound sense of ‘adventure’. From being a baby who is content to be placed and tucked in his crib, now he needs a new environment that he can build childhood memories with. As soon as your baby reaches one year or earlier, you need to think about converting his nursery into a fun toddler’s room.

The transition from your baby’s nursery to a toddler’s room should be a fun rite of passage for the entire family if you follow these suggestions:

It all begins with a little discussion.

Believe it or not, toddlers are well able to speak up about the things that he like and doesn’t like about his room. So if you are thinking about design ideas for your child’s room, sit down and talk to your opinionated tyke—you’ll be surprised to learn a thing or two. Find out about your tot’s unique identity, get to know who is his favourite cartoon character, his favourite color, or anything that he’s interested in these days. You may also find inspiration from his sketches or ‘artwork’. Ask your child what he would want if he could have anything in his room.  

When it comes to walls, think about the future.

When it comes to changing the wall design or wall treatment of your nursery, think about the future. Many children would choose their favourite character as the theme of their bedroom design. Some may choose a Cinderella-themed room and stick with it through their entire childhood, while some would originally choose a Mickey Mouse room but decide to hate it after a couple of years and there goes another redesign project. Going for a themed design is basically your decision, but if you want to take the more practical route, use neutral colours for the walls as it will allow you to decorate and redecorate the room to your tot’s liking.

Consider decorating the wall.

Children are visual creatures and adding a wall art or a meaningful frame or art into the room can provide a stimulating environment for your child to grow into. A coat of colourful paint, adhesive decals, wall murals or a well-thought out arrangement of frames of canvas prints can do the trick in using colourful and meaningful art to create a whole new world exciting for your child.

A quick change.

Now if you are not crazy about themed children’s room, then you can bring your child’s beloved characters and colours into his beddings and floor carpet. This way, you allow you child’s imagination soar as he plays, naps or sleeps with these pieces. With a fin set of beddings and an interesting choice of carpet, you can already transform the nursery into a tot’s room.

On picking your tyke’s bedroom furniture.

Similar to wall treatments, you also need to think about the future when it comes to picking furniture for your little tyke, as it can save you money in the long run and minimise the need to redesign and redecorate as your child grows older. For instance, when it comes to picking a new bed, pick the one that he can use for the next 5 years. Also, if you are working with a small space, pick multi-purpose pieces like toy boxes that can be used as activity tables. Also, make sure that the furniture that you pick will still leave enough room for your child to hang out, play and explore.

Things don’t have to match.

Don’t get too stressed out when your tyke seem to pick terrible colour schemes and décor for his room. These things don’t necessarily have to match. Don’t worry too much if your tot’s room doesn’t match anything else in your house. With this transition, allow your child to express himself. The confidence and delight that you give your child in allowing him to decide on his room décor will certainly create lasting memories or start a tradition that he may someday share with his own children.