Creating Your Dream Nursery

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As an expectant mom, you may possibly have flipped over hundreds of pages of dream nursery designs. To add to that, your pregnancy hormones doesn’t help with your ability to decide which design to create—leaving you overwhelmed by the prospect of actually starting the project. And since your due date is right around the corner, it’s time to put down the nursery design pages and get down to business creating a beautiful nursery for your baby. But before that, perhaps these little reminders could help ease out the stresses and fuss of actually designing and creating the best-looking and most functional nursery that you can pull off.

It’s not just about the looks.

It is important to go beyond aesthetics when deciding on a nursery design. In addition to lively color-schemes or cute nursery design theme, you need to incorporate function in every square inch of the layout of the room. More than good looks, this room needs to allow ease in caring for your baby. For instance, if you have limited space for your baby, prioritise having all necessary baby furniture like crib, storage, lamp and other things that would allow you to attend to your baby’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Don’t be afraid to use unusual colour schemes.

Gray and orange, green and red, pink and blue---there are ways to make unusual color schemes work. One way of adding fun to your nursery design is by giving it a pop of colour. For instance, if you would decide on having neutral coloured walls, then you can pick colourful wall decors and furniture pieces to create a colourful and visually stimulating environment for your baby.

Things don’t always need to match.

It would be smart to have a theme in mind when designing a nursery. You can go for either a princess themed or a pirate themed nursery design—and this will make it so much easier to work on the design details. But if you want to be more adventurous with your design theme or if you have already some favourite nursery pieces but they don’t exactly go with one particular theme, then just go with it. Don’t be too stressed out making sure that everything would match. By all means, feel free to be creative and work out a theme that would make those pieces work.

Dream nursery need not be expensive.

Lucky you if you have movie star bank account to break for this kind of project. But for the most of us who always work under a particularly set budget, remember that cheap doesn’t always mean cheap design. You only need to be smart about the colours of each piece of furniture and décor that you will use to complete your baby’s nursery. For instance, instead of opting for a personalised nursery wall mural or decal, you can instead use custom canvas frames wherein you can add meaningful yet visually stimulating décor for the nursery at much lesser cost. Instead of a cute but pricey cot, pick a nice crib in neutral colour so it can easily go with any design and accommodate your baby even after his or her first birthday. Make use of meaningful décor that your child will never outgrow and design for less.

Work on a budget.

You need to be realistic about the cost of completing your baby’s dream nursery. It’s actually fun to shop for all those adorable baby things, and unless you practice restraint in buying all cute things in the store shelves, you might end up spending all of your savings with your baby shopping trips. You need to set a budget—and stick to it! When planning your nursery design, make a list of all the baby things, furniture, supplies and decor that you will use to create a dream nursery and calculate the probable cost of having them all. If your list goes over your budget, decide on which pieces are essential and finalise a realistic budget for creating a dream nursery. Baby swings, walker, travel crib, Johnny jump-up buddy are items that babies use rarely so re-think buying some items similar to these.

Welcome help.

If you are not much of a design person, then it wouldn’t hurt to get help from a friend who just had a baby, a sister who is very much into design or an expert that can help you plan a dreamy and functional nursery for your baby. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a dream nursery for your baby, call for help. It’s always fun to bounce around ideas and design options with other people who love to complete a lovely nursery with you.

Set your own rules.

One thing about involving friends and family members (hello future grandparents!) in your nursery design project is that they may tend to be opinionated enough to somehow dictate which decisions you should make regarding design details. Make your own rules. Pick an unusual color scheme that works. Pick the odd shaped lamp if that’s what you feel is right for your baby’s design theme. Don’t be such a people-pleaser that you would let them decide on every detail. Make your own decisions--they will still love you for that.

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