First Christmas Celebrations Ideas for Babies

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Indeed, there are plenty of Christmas ideas you can think right now, but this will help jump start your baby’s first Christmas celebration ideas. Definitely, you are going to make this special and very memorable for the family by recording the event through videos and photography. Also, the Christmas celebration ideas here can be combined or done separately, but it’s best to utilise all the ideas under one activity, which will make it even more meaningful.

You can start with purchasing cute gifts, items and baby Christmas outfits. Your baby can wear the outfits within the holiday season, as well as let the baby open the gifts on Christmas Eve. The gifts and outfits can then be utilise for a family Christmas themed party, wherein the baby can wear a reindeer costume and the rest of the family members wears other Christmas related costumes like Mr and Mrs. Claus, elves etc. Of course, photography and video shoots will come into play during the celebration, so take pictures of your baby wearing different outfits, and record a video of your baby opening different gift boxes.

Apart from the ideas presented earlier, you can also let your baby watch different Christmas movie for the whole month of December. Babies love colourful cartoon movie, especially the ones made for Christmas.

Your baby’s first Christmas celebration need not be expensive. What matters here is the gift of joy, when your baby gets to see the video in the future—a very special moment in the past that will be remembered for a lifetime.