How to Make Your Own Baby Gift Baskets

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A baby basket is arguably the best baby shower basket that anyone could bring to any baby shower because when you do it right, it could be the only gift that any expectant mom would truly appreciate. It is most practical and most personal—the thought of you spending the time to think about an expectant mom and her baby’s needs, then shop for it and make a gift out of it, is truly endearing. Not only are gift baskets adorable and pretty, they can easily be adjusted to the baby things and supplies that you wanted to give your pregnant friend and the cost of it all can be adjusted to your gift budget. You know the best thing about baby baskets? You can create and assemble a baby basket yourself. Go on and try your hand in custom-designing the coolest baby basket that you can create.

Making your very own baby gift basket is actually easy and fun. But you need to get some preparations done to make it right:

Decide on a theme for your baby basket.

Depending on the gender of the baby, you can go with either a girly pink or jolly blue theme with your gift basket. You can go with a baby bath, animal safari or Noah’s ark theme with your baby basket. If you are big about the environment, then you can go with an organic baby theme. There are endless possibilities when it comes to baby basket themes. Let your creativity soar. Think about a unique and cute theme to go with. You need to decide on a colour scheme or design scheme for your basket to make it look polished and well finished. You need a theme for your baby basket to have a great finished basket, otherwise it would look like store basket that’s filled with assorted baby supplies.

Get a shopping list of baby things to include in your basket.

Here are some baby items that you may include in your baby basket:

  • Onesies
  • Receiving blanket
  • Booties, footie or socks
  • Burp cloth
  • Diapers (cloth or disposable)
  • Bib
  • Baby bottles
  • Scratch mittens
  • Books, lullaby CDs and picture frames
  • Pacifiers, rattles, rubber duckies, and other baby toys
  • Bathing kit and supplies
  • Grooming kit (teether, brush and comb set, toothbrushes, etc.)

The list is usually long. Good thing there are baby specialty stores online where you can conveniently shop and complete your baby basket shopping list hassle-free.

Get yourself a nice basket and work on the trimmings.

Purchase a basket that matches your baby gift basket theme and a basket that is big enough to hold your baby gifts. Also, it may not necessarily be a ‘basket’. For instance, if you’re going with a baby bath theme, you may look for a cute plastic tub and use that as the holding vessel for your baby gifts. Also, shop for a complementing colour of ribbon, paper linings, embellishments, wrapper, cellophane and other trimmings that match your baby gift basket theme.

Assemble your baby gift basket.

Once you have all your baby gift items, basket and trimming ready, it’s now time to assemble your basket. As a rule of thumb, place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items near the edge or top portion of your basket. Put the biggest and heaviest item at the center so your basket and build up your gift basket from it. It’s like building blocks. Use those items that you can easily stack as your base and just fit the irregularly shaped items where they fit but arrange them in such a way that the items would give your basket a nice look from all angles. Pretty it up with some bows, paper lining and embellishments to make it look festive. Cover everything up with transparent cellophane to make it look finished and like done by a professional. Wrapping your gift basket also helps keep each item in while you transport it back and forth.    

Making your very own baby gift basket is really easy. So go on and assemble one for the next baby shower event. 

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