Suitable Colours for a Nursery Room

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A new baby is coming and you are looking for suitable colours for a nursery room. Choosing the best colours could be a bit confusing if you do not know how these colours might affect the baby psychologically. Fear not since any colours wouldn’t hurt the baby, but in all colours three comes out the best that belongs to the cool colours group, which are blue, purple and green. Different colours have different psychological effects on babies. Cool colours, usually make the baby calmer, and warm colours make the baby more restless. Generally, the utmost goal of a nursery room is to get the baby to rest well for proper growth and development, which is proper for the baby’s age.

Blue is a natural calming colour not just for adults, but also for babies. If you want the baby to have more sleep hours, which is vital for growth and development, then make this colour more dominant compared with other colours.

Purple stimulates creativity, which is great for the baby’s brain development. It is a combination of red and blue, or alertness and calmness; this colour should be used in moderation and works well when combined with a dominant blue coloured nursery room.

Green is also a great colour to combine with blue and purple; it radiates the feeling of wellness and security. Thus, brings in the overall calmness of the nursery room.

Let these be the colour combinations of your baby’s nursery room. You can either hire a professional nursery room interior designer or do it yourself, whichever is best for your new baby.

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