Top 10 Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

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So your sister or your friend has a baby girl on the way. To celebrate this momentous event in her life, you and the girls decided to throw her a surprise baby shower. After tediously organizing the venue, meticulously deciding on the menu, and sprucing up the place for the event, seems like you missed adding “shopping for baby shower gift” in your to-do list. Picking up a baby shower gift always comes with the pressure of thinking about what your pregnant friend’s taste and needs are.  Stressed?  Don’t fret just yet because here are our top 10 baby shower ideas for girls that will sure be a big hit.

1) Baby Carrier

Break free from the monotonous tone of pink, blue or gray coloured baby carriers. Give your friend a printed sling or wrap-around baby carrier. For newborns, these cloth and comfy baby carriers will feel like they are being hugged without the fatigue mother's get from having to carry the baby for hours. Plus, it’s really fashionable! Your friend will surely appreciate this handy and cutesy baby carrier style.

2) Pink Bouncy Seat

New mothers agree that bouncy seats are Gods gift to mothers who need something to secure and hold their baby to spare a few minutes to free their hands to do something else. Bouncy seats often come with hanging colourful toys, which would pretty much keep the baby occupied while mum can fixing her hair or just rest.

3) Activity Gym

Even the most excited parents-to-be will eventually feel the fatigue of having to watch and carry their baby all the time. The solution? A colourful baby activity gym! Hollywood mums have been raving about how these colourful mat and toy combinations have allowed them time to relax while watching their babies have a blast. This colourful activity gym comes with dangling teether, wind chime, soft quilt and other colourful contraptions. If you want to give your friend’s baby a mini play haven, then this is the gift to give.

4) Car Seat

Believe it or not, even the most prepared mothers-to-be often overlook the importance of buying a baby car seat in advance. So why not be your friend’s fairy Godmother and give her a posh baby car seat. Splurge in a baby car seat design that makes your friend go “ohh” and “ahh” more than her baby.

5) Chic Nappy Bag

Gone are the days when new parents need to carry those carnival looking baby bags, with cartoon characters splashed all over it. Finally, bag manufacturers heeded the call for more fashionable diaper bags or baby bags that would make all single women jealous. Now, you can pick one baby bag gift in more appealing grown up colours like black, chocolate brown and champagne.

6) Baby Products

Bringing baby essentials are the key to adding fun to your friend’s road to motherhood. With this gift idea, you will never go wrong. Simply grab a handful of lovely baby body wash, oils, rash creams and wipes plus some extra items like receiving blankets, bibs and soft baby towels. Arrange them in a hamper, basket or gift wagon and your baby shower gift is all set.

7) Personalised Onesies 

If you want to stick to classic personalised baby gifts, a set of personalised onesies will will be a huge hit. You can have your friend’s baby’s name printed or embroidered on your selected onesies. Don’t worry, there are online stores that accept orders, wrapping and delivery services for this type of baby item.

8) Canvas Art Prints

Canvas art prints were recently declared as the “it” gift for baby showers. Having your friend’s ultrasound or favourite pregnant picture immortalized in a printed canvas will sure be a unique and memorable gift.

9) Mum Spoilers 

Don’t forget that the baby shower is still all about your friend’s road to motherhood. So this would be the perfect time to spoil her with an ensemble of post-baby fashions. Give her a stylish dress that would make her feel confident about her post-baby bod.

10) Free Services

This one gift idea will be something that will make your friend hug you tight.  Free cleaning services, home cooked meals, or free laundry services for the duration of your friend’s maternity leave—this could be just the kind of gift that your friend is looking for. Newborn moms should enjoy motherhood sans the task of cleaning, cooking or minding the house. Give your friend the option to spend quality time with her baby and she will thank the stars for this thoughtful gift you will give her.

What's the best or most unique gift you've ever received or given at a baby shower?

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