Top 10 Nursery Ideas for Boys

My Baby Canvas

Congratulations for having a baby boy. Now that you’re about to bring an angel into your family and into your home, what is a better reason for a home decorating project than a baby boy’s nursery room? Now that you’re home design and styling skills will be put to test, you may find some great and practical nursery ideas for boys handy as you roll your sleeves and get to work. As excited as your whole house is in the arrival of your new baby, explore these simple and fun design ideas for your project.


Idea #1

Think of contemporary design themes. For boys, nursery design possibilities are endless. But instead of going traditional with animal, jungle, sailing ships and cowboy design themes, explore some contemporary designs for your baby boy’s nursery. One way of doing that is by using patterns as your design inspiration. Incorporate swirls, Plaid or  checkered and stripes as your nursery design theme. If you want a stylish yet fuss-free design that your baby will appreciate, choosing contemporary design themes should give your baby’s nursery room the right amount of visual pop.

Idea #2

Weave a theme of wall décor. Or simply, decorate the walls. You don’t need to go all the way and get into the trouble of tearing down old wallpapers for new ones. Even with a fresh coat of white paint, you can bring life into your baby’s boy’s nursery room by hanging some wall decor. It could be a framed artwork or a series of framed photos of your baby’s first moments after birth. It could be your very first family portrait or it could be a collection of mommy and daddy’s baby photos. It could be a framed colourful artwork. It could be a carved wood of letters that spell your baby’s name. Or if you can, try creating a mural dedicated to your baby on the nursery wall.

Idea #3

Play with colours. Babies will always love colours. So when designing your baby boy’s nursery, do not shy away from unusual colour combinations because you might be surprised at how those colours can actually complete a refreshing vibrant space for your baby. Combinations like light grey and yellow and cranberry palettes on the wall should provide visual stimulation without overwhelming the room.

Idea #4

Go neutral with your furniture. Instead of choosing bright colours for your baby’s cribs, storage and other nursery furniture, stick to neutral tones to complete a refreshing look for your room. If you got all worked up in decorating and adding accents to the walls and floor of the nursery room, then it’s best to tone it down when it comes to the nursery furniture pieces that you pick. Sticking with neutral tones in this regard will also make it easy for you to refresh the room over time.

Idea #5

Pick furniture pieces that will grow with your child. For instance, when you are picking cribs for your baby, choose the one that eventually converts into a toddler bed. This will not only allow you to keep your baby bed longer but also preserve your hard work in completing a design theme for your baby’s nursery, which include the bed, for longer.

Idea #6

Personalize your boy’s room. Adding personal touches in finishing your nursery design project is a good way of building fond memories with this new addition in your home and into your family. It could be a personalized baby portrait bearing the name, birth weight and birth date of your newest angel or it could be an embroidered set of baby beddings, throws and towels. This is the way to brand your baby’s nursery room in meaningful and stylish ways. 

 Idea #7

Storage. It’s never too early to get started in bringing practical and stylish storage into your baby’s room. Keep everything organized and avoid clutter. Make use of cubbies, baskets and hooks with designs that follow your nursery design theme.

Idea #8

Shade your baby. Caring for baby would mean lots of naptime. Keep his room warm, bright and comfortable by installing window shades. Choose fun fabrics or black out liners for your nursery roman shades.

Idea #9

Rugs offer a smart and quick way of sprucing up any room, particularly your baby’s room. You can pick a rug that is bright coloured, has swirls of bright colours, or has interesting and intricate patterns that adds a great visual pop into the room.

Idea #10

Night lights. Somehow, making the room whimsical at night makes precious bonding moments with baby extra especial. Imagine reading a story to your baby, underneath a muted lamp that adds warmth into the space. Night lamps need not be bland. Find one that will create a quiet and intimate starry night feel inside your baby’s room.

You do not need much space or expensive décor and accents to pull off a well-designed nursery for your baby boy. Just let your creativity come to play, explore unexpected and unique options and make each piece personal.  Don’t worry, in whatever design theme and design pieces that you pick, you will certainly bring fun things, which your baby can set his eyes on.