Twin Baby Shower Ideas

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Having twins means double the fun when it comes to baby shower themes. After getting over the pleasant surprise of having twins, let the fun begin by getting creative with your decorations, invitations and other details. If you are a first-time parent or a a friend who is planning to throw a baby shower for twins, here are some great ideas that can help you plan the best welcoming party for the twins:


Having a theme for your twin baby shower will add pizazz to the party. It’s always easy to find inspiration when thinking about your baby shower theme. Think about your most beloved or favoured baby things and use them in pairs. Use two candles or two centrepieces in your guest tables. Put two ribbons in your party bags. Do everything in twos to represent each baby. Pick the colour that you love and incorporate everything in your party decor, games, invitations and everything in between. With a theme in mind, dealing with the other party details would be much easier.


Twin-baby-invites.png] You or your friend is having twins so you can carry on that theme into your invitations. If your guests didn't know that you’re having twins, perhaps using an interesting twin baby wordings or announcements like ‘two peas in a pod’, ‘good things come in pairs’, or ‘oh (boy/girl) oh (boy/girl), it’s double the joy’ would give them a nice hint about ‘what’s in the oven’. As for invitation design ideas, you can use two sets of baby clothing on a clothes line or two baby strollers or any of your favourite baby things in twos.


You can go crazy with your decorations, but don’t ever forget branding your party table with wordings like ‘baby 1 and baby 2’s baby shower’ or you can even use the same creative twin baby wording that you used in your party invitation. This gives a nice personal touch to your party decor. If you want a fuss-free party decor, you can never go wrong with balloons or balloon bouquets. Pick balloons in colours that reflects the gender of your twins. Make use of flower petals or confetti to add a festive mood to your party space or venue. Hang streamers around the room and arrange baby item decor like varying sizes and colours of pacifiers, baby bottles, onesies and other cute baby things. As an inexpensive centrepiece, you may use a nice diaper cake or baby towel cake, which certainly makes an interesting conversation piece that you can appreciate and practically use after the party and after the twins are born.


There’s no shortage of twin baby shower game ideas, all you need to do is pick the ones that your guests would sure enjoy. For instance, the classic game of doing a tag team in doing the most number of baby diaper changes in a minute is a fantastic activity that would get your guests off their seats. Of course, who can ever forget the ‘name that food’ game where guests are asked to taste that pureed fruits and vegetables and guess which fruit or vegetable is in it. The drinking race or the race to finishing off the contents of baby bottles--in this case make that two baby bottles. Or you can just play with two tissue rolls and go crazy! Remember to stick with your twin baby theme so make sure that game mechanics must be done in pairs or teams, never alone.

Party favours

More recently, you can see mini cakes, flowers and other baby themed goodies used as party favours for baby showers. You may also give mini floral bouquets to your lady guests or 2 mini-bottles of beer to your male guests. Here’s one fun favour you can ask your guests to do before you part ways. Ask them to write you a message on a baby diaper, and tell them that you mean to use these diapers once the babies are out. You will sure be delighted by the encouraging and funny messages your guests come up with.