What Not To Give as Baby Shower Gifts

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For first time parents-to-be, baby showers are sacred. It would be the first time for them to formally share the nervousness, excitement, and joy of such a milestone in their lives -- the arrival of their precious angel. So it’s just normal for friends like you to really feel the pressure of bringing not just the best gift but the most appropriate one for both the parents and the baby. If you are clueless about which gift to bring to this kind of event, then fret no more. The angels answered your prayer and here’s their advice on all the things you SHOULD NOT wrap as baby shower gifts:

‘Someday’ clothes 

It’s great that you have a great sense of baby style, but if you are going to wrap a baby outfit as baby shower gift, make sure that it fits the baby at least in its first two months. You don’t want your present to be put in the storage to be forgotten about right? So mind the measurements of the baby outfit you pick for this one.


Unless you are buying beddings out of the baby registry, never impose your taste in baby beddings to the parents-to-be. Also, don’t go buying beddings if you haven’t taken a peak of the nursery yet.

Novelty Items

Although some parents appreciate gifts like designer baby shoes or silver or gold pacifiers, in most worlds, parents-to-be appreciate practical baby gifts more. When we say novelty items, we mean those items that baby can only use for a while or those extravagant and expensive things that may not even be safe for your baby to use. Instead, think about the items that the baby can use at least during the first year of her life. A baby bag, a stroller, baby grooming kits or feeding utensils are usually more meaningful and readily appreciated compared to expensive novelty baby items.

Used Baby Items

Even if that bootie was Elvis Presley’s son’s bootie, used items or vintage baby items are best kept in a collector’s closet. There are people who appreciate the sentimental value in hand-me-downs or thrift store baby items, but there are also people who get really offended by it. It’s best to stick with new baby things when picking your baby shower gifts.

Breakable and Fragile Decor

The hallmark of bad baby gifts would be breakable nursery decor. So the new parents went through all the trouble of baby proofing their house, and here you are gifting them with a breakable nursery decor that’s an absolute safety hazard for baby.

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